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Is procrastination affecting your life? If so, read on...

How To Never Procrastinate Again

Dear friend,

Finally, a simple cure has been found for chronic procrastination.

It does not involve time management, to-do lists, hypnosis, "self-help" and positive thinking, planners, schedules, folders, computer software, journals, binders, motivational speaking, or any of the other fads in "productivity."

What makes this system unique is that...

1. It cures the cause of your procrastination. Virtually all other methods attempt to relieve the symptoms of procrastination.

2. It's brand new, and unlike "self-help" seminars and complicated time management systems, it is easy to follow and has a 98.7% success rate.

Before I explain how this is possible, let me share with you a personal story...

"My Battle With Procrastination."

If you're like me, you have what is called chronic procrastination syndrome, meaning mild to severe procrastination is something you battle with every single day.

We're not alone.

20% of the United States considers themselves chronic procrastinators.

That's not a joke. That's an epidemic.

Like these people, I always thought it was just a part of my personality, something I would live with for my entire life.

My parents told me that I procrastinated as far back as grade school.

I always had the sense that "work" was bad, and that "play" was good. I took "breaks" to prepare myself to work - which always lead to long binges of procrastination.

It got even worse in college. I managed to squeak by and graduate college, thanks only to endless pots of coffee late at night, as I would desperately attempt to cram for tests and finish papers.

After I graduated, I got my first "real job," and I met the woman that would become my wife.

By all standards, I managed to do OK - despite my procrastination habits....

"...But With More Responsibilities, I Couldn't Get Away With Those Old Habits Any Longer..."

Because my boss liked me, I was promoted to a more ambitious position.

This job not only involved large, difficult projects I was solely responsibile for.

It also involved small, tedious tasks that did not take very long but were still important - such as filling out paperwork or making the right phone call.

Faced with more responsibilities, I procrastinated even more.

I didn't start the large projects because they were too overwhelming.

I told myself I needed to "mentally prepare" first - because I thought I wasn't quite ready to do the job perfectly.

And I didn't do the small, tedious, but still important, tasks either - since I considered them to be a waste of time!

In other words, I was paralyzed. Completely unable to do or start anything.

And then I did something that all procrastinators do at some point...

I started lying about how much I was accomplishing.

To put it frankly...

"I Was Digging Myself Deeper And Deeper Into A Hell Hole..."

If uncured, procrastination can progressively get worse and worse and worse...

Chances are, you've felt this in your own life at some point.

The more I procrastinated, the worse I felt. And the worse I felt, the more I wanted to procrastinate.

It was like there were two "me"s. The strict "me" who demanded that I work, and the rebellious "me" that hated these demands and just wanted to be left alone!

Usually what happened was, I would strike what I thought was a compromise, and I would tell myself, "I'll do it tomorrow!"

But after doing this for many years, it got so bad (and I lost so much sleep from doing this night after night) that I eventually just stopped any doing important tasks at all!

Years later, after I had cured my procrastination completely, I compiled a list of everything I lost due to procrastination.

Here is everything procrastination stole from me...

To make matters worse, deep down I WANTED to get things done!

I wanted to be successful. I wanted to have a great life.

I had this huge list of important responsibilities ... everything that I WANTED to accomplish.

Some of these things I told myself I'd do months or even years ago in the past ...

But rather than working my way through this list, I pushed it aside. It was too overwhelming, and I was afraid of failing.

Besides, the list would just keep getting longer and longer!

And at that point, the To-Do list itself became a part of the problem.

It was a constant reminder of how much I had yet to accomplish, and those bad feelings made me want to procrastinate all the more!

And yet, every single day, as if to torture myself, I would go through this gigantic To-Do list again in my mind, thinking of everything that I failed to do, and I hated myself for it.

"Hitting Rock Bottom,
I Desperately Searched For A Solution."

By continuing to procrastinate for years, not only does your life start getting worse, you start losing hope that it will get better.

You lose your dreams and ambitions. You lose your confidence.

And then, if it goes unfixed, you'll reach a point where you finally hit rock bottom.

Here was my "rock bottom" moment...

After years of failing to motivate me, severely disappointed with my lack of ambition and my inability to find another job, my wife finally wanted a divorce.

She was sick of me lying to her about how much work I had accomplished. She was sick of my "laziness" - as she put it. And she was sick of how broke we were because of my bad work habits.

That was the turning point for me. It was the saddest day of my life. I loved my wife with all my heart, and the worst thing was, I understood why she was leaving.

Now you might be thinking: "Surely that was enough to get you to start working!"

And you know, I wanted desperately to fix my chronic procrastination, of course I did, but I didn't know how to handle it.

I was just so stressed and down on myself that it made it even less motivated.

And to be honest, the thought of fixing my procrastination by "just doing it" scared the sh*t out of me.

I was determined to find a way to fix this problem and end my paralyzing fear, but the problem itself proved to be tricky...

"How I Discovered The Secret To Curing Procrastination..."

Divorced, almost broke, I gave myself six months to try everything and anything I could to break out of the prison of my procrastination and my overwhelming fear of failure...

Well, I'm guessing you've tried all of the same stuff I did.

And I'm also guessing it didn't work out for either of us! (There's a reason why, which I'll explain in a minute.)

I tried time management. I tried "self help" books and going to a popular "motivational" seminar. I tried scheduling, un-scheduling, meditating, anti-depressants, Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, reading books, reading productivity blogs, going "minimalist," going through David Allen's Getting Things Done, having a friend help me...

I tried keeping a PDA, I tried apps on my cell phone, I tried bribing myself with rewards for work that I did, I tried breathing exercises, I tried yoga, I tried hypnosis ...

I even tried hiring a Life Coach. I had to cover his fees with my credit card, but I didn't care because I heard he dealt specifically with procrastination.

What he told me was the equivalent of the Nike slogan: "Just Do It."

I shocked, offended even. Here was my response...

"It's more complicated than that! I can't just do it ... If I could, I wouldn't be procrastinating!"

Now for some reason that answer caused a "lightbulb" to go off in my head.

I realized two things...

Realization #1: Procrastination Is Not Laziness,
And The Phrase "Just Do It" Doesn't Help!

My life coach thought that I was lazy. He told me to "Just Do It."

And if you think about it, the idea that procrastination equals laziness is the common perception. People joke about procrastination all of the time. It's not considered a serious condition.

Time management, hypnosis, "self-help" books, and everything else I tried also assumed that I was procrastinating because I was lazy or because I was irresponsible with my time.

All of these methods try to help you to act and to manage your actions without even wondering why you might be procrastinating in the first place.

"Why do you procrastinate?" Serious question.

Well, it's not because of laziness. Anyone who calls you "lazy" for being a procrastinator simply does not understand.

Having chronic procrastination is more like having an addiction to alcohol or drugs than it is to being lazy.

What seems pleasurable to you - your procrastination - ends up making you feel worse about yourself...

.... which leads you to want to seek pleasure ...

... which then leads you to procrastinate.

It's a vicious cycle.

Breaking the cycle is MUCH more difficult than it seems to non-procrastinators or people who only procrastinate "now and then."

It's especially difficult because...

Realization #2: There Are 2 Different Types Of Procrastination - And Chances Are You Have Both.

This really blew my mind.

Did you know there are not one, but two types of procrastination?

It turns out that all chronic procrastinators practice both types - and are completely unaware that they are doing so!

These types are called "relaxed" and "tense-afraid," and they operate because of completely different psychological drives.

I discovered this when I was doing research on procrastination, but I didn't think much of it until I realized something huge...

No treatment in existence has a unique, targeted approach to getting rid of each type individually!

It's so simple and obvious, but it's true!

Because this kind of two-part solution to procrastination didn't exist, I had to create it myself.

I had a mission, a goal, a purpose...

"I Took What I Discovered And Perfected A System ... The Results Were Weird."

Taking these two realizations to heart, I finally created something that helped me be productive. It was so simple, but it was working!

Knowing that I had stumbled upon something incredible, I spent an entire year researching human psychology and neuroscience, to make sure that what I had discovered was scientifically sound.

I then spent another year perfecting the method by working with other severe procrastinators from around the world.

The result shocked me. They were weird!

Not only was I no longer a procrastinator, it worked for other people too. People who had no luck with other systems or treatments.

And the system is so unbelievably simple - and different.

The main difference is, I had created an extraordinarily simple method of curing not just procrastination, but also the underlying fear that causes you to procrastinate.

All other treatments don't go this deep - to the real core of the problem.

Which means... Not only will you finally become productive, but it will be satisfying, stress-free, passionate productivity.

And that's what really makes you happy.

I was beyond excited with these results. Not only because my life was changing, but because I had stumbled upon something that was helping other people.

"Finally. You Can Take Back Everything Procrastination Has Stolen From You,
And Start A New Life."

Having two totally different cures - one for each type of procrastination - changed everything.

Just imagine...

Having this extraordinary transformation happen, I went from jobless, broke, and hating myself to having a job again, having passions, eating healthy and exercising ... doing everything I wanted do to.

I've also reunited with my wife - the love of my life.

Even more important than how my life has changed, I regained my confidence.

I felt incredible about myself and my potential, and once you follow this method, you will too.

After curing your procrastination, people will see you as a different person - as weird as that sounds.

Getting a new job took time. Reuniting with my wife took time. But the confidence and extraordinary sense of pleasure I had about life was immediate.

You owe it to yourself to feel that confidence and happiness.

You owe it to yourself to start today.

"You Can Start Right Now. Here's How..."

Thanks to the instant connectivity of the internet, and the simplicity of this method, I don't have to teach you this technique in person.

With just a few clicks, you can download the complete method onto your computer.

Take an afternoon, read my book, and start employing it whenever you'd like.

You'll soon discover that this method will cure the underlying fear and anxiety behind both types of procrastination that are plauging your life.

It's something so simple, you can teach it to your friends and family while you're sitting and talking about it at dinner.

Yet it's also so effective that it will adapt to whatever situation you're facing - whether you're overwhelmed with 80 different important tasks or simply just want to become more efficient.

Now here's how you take the first step ...

Read My e-book "Fearless Productivity" Today.

It's A Quick Read, And It Will Cure Your Procrastination For Life. Guaranteed.

Available as an instant .PDF download. We have a 98.7% satisfaction rate!

Comes with a complete, no gimmicks 60 day money back guarantee.

If you still have problems with procrastination after reading this book, you don't pay a dime. Period.

Give it a try. Order now.

Just so we're clear...

Fearless Productivity has nothing to do with...

No To-Do Lists, No Complicated Time Management System, No "Positive Thinking"!


It's Not Magic. It's Human Psychology.

The best part about Fearless Productivity - the method we'll use to cure your procrastination - is that it's so easy.

The entire system - which you can learn and use in just 7 minutes - is based around how the brain naturally thinks and operates.

Think about it.

Why try to fight against your brain when you can work with it?

Your brain is like a weapon. When you procrastinate, it fires against itself.

Fearless Productivity harnesses the natural energy you're using on yourself when you self-criticize and over-analyze. It takes that energy and turns it towards what needs to get done and what you want to accomplish.

In other words, procrastinating is hard work. You might not think it is, but why do you still feel exhausted at the end of the day? It takes work to repress your natural drive to be productive.

This method redirects this work effortlessly into productivity - so you can start living a happy, meaningful, successful life again.

I've worked with men and women who were too overwhelmed to even walk out of their homes and check the mail. In a matter of days, these severe cases were at a level of productivity most "high achievers" don't reach. It's that powerful.

You have an enormous amount of potential energy that's about to become unleashed onto the world. All you have to do is a very, very simple exercise that I'm about to show you.

You'll learn exactly what I mean when you flip open the book...

Here's What's Inside...

Curing procrastination has never been so easy, so it's no wonder Fearless Productivity is quickly becoming the most popular treatment available online.

You've probably seen the ads, the testimonials, the results ...

Well, once you flip it open for yourself, you'll discover ...

WARNING: There's Only 1 Reason
Why You May Not Benefit From This Book.

Quite frankly, not everyone who purchases Fearless Productivity will find themselves free of procrastination.

The same goes, of course, with any solution to procrastination, or any solution to any problem at all.

Here's why...

Some people, for whatever reason, won't follow through on this incredibly simple technique.

I've expected this - I myself have "dropped the ball" on many different systems to treat procrastination.

In fact, I made the system as easy as possible for precisely this reason.

The system is easy to follow no matter HOW afraid you are of the tasks you've been avoiding. It is designed to take you by the hand to destroy this fear once and for all.

Even still, us procrastinators are notorious for not following through.

So here's what I've done to make sure you actually follow through... order the book ... and use the very simple system...

I've included - as a bonus - an entire section that helps you with following through with this very simple system.

EVEN STILL, I know that, even with the bonus section, and even though I've made it incredibly easy for the most severe procrastinators to use this system - there will still be a handful of people who won't get past the first couple of sentences and will let this ebook just sit on their harddrive, gathering dust.

This is sad, because these are the people who need the most help.

"Here's My Special Gift To The Most Severe Procrastinators ... The Ones Who Will Buy The Book And Even Procrastinate Reading It!"

To help the people who simply WON'T follow through, I'm doing something no other program is offering.

During the first 60 days, you will get personal help emailed directly to your inbox.

Think of it as your personal encouragement to follow the system and cure your procrastination.

I've been where you are, and I want to help.

Here's the bottom line you need to remember:

If you follow the system, you will end your procrastination. Period.

Plus - I'm willing to hold your hand to help you follow the system.

I'm proud to say that 98.7% of the people have followed through and seen dramatic results. Meaning everyone who follows through is cured, and only a small fraction don't follow through.

Are you ready to join the success stories?

Thousands Of People Have Found This Web Page And Changed Their Lives. Will You Be Next?

How am I absolutely certain that this will work for you?

Humans are, at the end of the day, remarkably similar.

So once I perfected a method of curing my own procrastination, it turned out that it also cured the procrastination of many other people.

Thousands and thousands of people have had their lives transformed from this system.

And since it's worked for so many people, chances are it will work for you.

But why listen to me? Why not try it yourself? You'll never know if it works unless you try it out.

And quite frankly, you're not going to get a better shot at curing this than right now.

Save Money. Stop The Expensive Treatment.

How much would you pay to PERMENANTLY cure your procrastination, and to feel that happy, natural productivity you were born with?

For many people, the answer is "Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars."

But why pay that much? Shouldn't the solution be affordable?

Let's compare some of the popular options...

CBT Therapy (8 Sessions) $1000 ($125 per session)
GTD Mastering Workflow Seminar $595
Hypnosis Session $500 and up
Fearless Productivity $97 Today $37

Improving your life shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Still, I know $37 can be a significant investment for some people.

I'm so confident you'll be more than satisfied with having your procrastination cured once and for all that I'm offering a...

100% Money Back Guarantee If Your Procrastination Isn't COMPLETELY GONE
After Reading This Book!

Here's where I put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason you aren't totally satisfied with the results of this system, I'll instantly refund you your money.

You have 60 days to try out EVERYTHING in this book, without having to invest a dime.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, all you have to do is send me a personal e-mail, saying that you want a refund and explaining why, and I'll refund you your money that day.

Don't Like It? Get Your Money Back Immediately.

I am absolutely certain that this is going to make a difference in your life.

Don't just sit there, hoping your procrastination will "magically" fix itself..

And whatever you do ... if this book sounds like it will help you, do NOT procrastinate!

Start your 60 day trial right now. In the first hour, I guarantee you will see results.

I promise, your life will never get better if you don't take action and TRY SOMETHING new.

You owe it to yourself to fix this area of your life NOW.

Decide To Change Your Life Now. This Information Won't Be Available In This Format For Very Long.

Here's the deal.

You should start your 60 day trial right now.


This special offer won't be around long.

The system I'm revealing to you is going to be a part of a larger informational seminar course that is in the works.

Tickets for the seminar sell for $997, and already I'm getting a lot of pre-orders.

Once I release that seminar, I'll have to take this e-book down, since it's so cheap.

So if you want to cure your procrastination, do it now.

Order the e-book, you'll get it instantly, and start your 60 day fully-functional "test drive."

Remember, if it doesn't work for you for some weird reason, just return it. You'll get all of your money back.

Chances are, this WILL work for you, as it's worked for thousands of people across the globe.

Click the button below to "Add to Cart" now.
You'll be taken to a page where you can enter your credit card information for secure payment, or you can pay with a PayPal account.

It's easy, and remember, you have that 60 day totally risk-free trial.

"Cures Your Procrastination
For Life. Guaranteed."

Regular Price $97 Today $37

Click Here To Buy Now.


To your new, productive life,

Paul Brodie

P.S. Remember, this won't be around long, since I need to use this material for the seminar that is in the works. Don't procrastinate any longer! Take the first step and start your 60 day trial now.


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